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Hight depression

Hight depression

well...I cant go on...more!! be one youtuber the youtube not need of me....for make videos..... 
please leave me alone.....I not want be more one youtuber and make videos of splatoon... 
why have others youtuber that make videos of splatoon best of that me... 

only leave me alone......I will stay offline forever...not talk with me... 
why i not have freinds....the end of shadow solider omega forever..... 

i give up of make videos of splatoon is all.....have others youtuber of splatoon that make best of that me...

Need some help

Hello everyone. Omega here. Something is wrong with my GMOD. Its starting to lag itself. I cant make videos without it. Im about to loose my insperation. I need your help to how to stop this Lag on my Gmod. And use my versions I created The Insanity Monsters and some of my versions so that you guys make me feel better as well your ideas and theme songs to make it interesting on my versions. If you wanted to talk about some ideas,you may talk

I just need some help...For once...I need you guys to use my Versions wisely and care

So yeah. Please if thats ok with you guys help me out. Thats all I have to say. Thanks for reading...
Where is my freinds?
:iconarianaaviles: Cursed Ariana

:iconshadowsniper2251: Cursed Carlos

"Ok. This is picture you guys looking is that Cursed Carlos and Cursed Ariana are furious at the Sniper who took Cursed Happy and ShadowDante. And Things will go on a high note if he knows where they took them. This is the reference of the video . I hope you guys enjoy it"
:iconshadowsniper2551: Carlos Gabriel,Carlos Gabriel (female)
Meet the Major Octoling
Major Octo,Make the virus Octo is kill more of 1.000.00 Inklings and Octolings
she kill kids too,is leave them on the street many kids not have home or guys...for take care of them
more the Major Octo,resource the city Octo is afrer start your plan for destroy the lnkings

and helping the Chara for yours plan...Major Octoling know of Timline is all
she have the power of rest all the timeline
she already everyone more she yet want everyone again...
Name : Major Octoling
Real Name : ???
Age : ???
Occupation : Kill Inklings is torture Octoling is Inklings
Gender: Female
Race : Octoling
Gear/Clothing : know about the timeline is alway rest the timeline,she only know that happened in timeline
Weapon Of Choice : Kinfe of Chara,Weapons of fire,rest timeline,Good Time (mode Rage)
Likes: Destruction,killed
Personality: Corrupted,Mad,Angry,Killed,psycho
Dislikes: Shadow Solider Omega (Old boyfreind),Geof,Omega Labrys,Inspector Heavy,Ryevan Bloo,others Inkings and Octolings weak
Weakness: Attack strong or human Souls
Others/Trivia: Major Octoling already kill everyone befone,more she alway rest the timline for kill all of again,Shadow Omega was your old boyfreind befone of erro of Timeline...
Hello my friends. I have made this journal because two reasons.

1. This is my firstime of making this journal.

2. I made some new versions which they'll coming soon.
Verison empty
Verison Soliders
Verison Wolf
Verison Devil
Verison Last Soul
Verison NetPony
So if you guys think this is a good Idea,I be very appreciated.  Well thats all for now.;)


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Shadow Squid Omega
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